100 years of Fashion

When the first skiers of Kiandra schussed Township Hill, none would have dreamed that in less than a century, a multi-million dollar international industry would have grown up in response to a demand for not only ski equipment but also special clothing to wear while using it.

Australian Timbers used in Skis

Most skis used in Australian ski resorts today are overwhelmingly imported from North America and Europe.  However, prior to post-war globalisation and the development of light-weight synthetic laminates, most skis were crafted in Australia from local timbers.  

Farmers's Department Stores were selling ski equipment.

Unlike today's society, where electronics occupy our evenings, many women previously would spend their evening knitting or sewing. 

From 1961. 

Matching Apre boots should come back into fashion!

Mellers Boots offer control over your skis.

From Ski Australia magazine, 1967

Raichle Buckle Boots

An advertisement from the April/May Ski Australia magazine. 

Note that helmets are not new!