Lu Vozab at Sugarloaf 1956

Bill Day Returns Home

By Philip Woodman / 9th March 2014 /

The inaugural dinner provided an opportunity to take three-time Olympic skier and former resident of The Chalet – Bill Day – back to the ski slopes and home he grew up in at Charlotte Pass.

Although at boarding school, home …

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Christine Davy MBE

By Philip Woodman / 11th May 2015 /

Christine Davy was a member of the 1956 and 1960 Australian Winter Olympic teams.  She competed in Downhill, Giant Slalom and Slalom.

Following retirement from competitive skiing, Christine became a pioneer female in commercial aviation.…

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Keith Line Accepts Honorary Membership

By Philip Woodman / 9th March 2014 /

Keith has had a long and continuous association with the area and the development of skiing, both in the introduction of skiing instruction and the development of junior competition and training.  He was also instrumental in the planning and construction

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Ken G Murray – Commercial Pioneer

By Philip Woodman / 28th January 2014 /

Ken Murray, known to all as “KG” was the initial major developer of Perisher Valley.  His company K.G. Murray Publishing Company from 1959 until 1973 built (except for the North Perisher T-bar) and controlled, both ski-lifts and hotels, operated the …

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