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100 years of ski fashions: looking sensible rather than smart

4th December 2013

The first 100 years – 1861 to 1961 Contributed by Wendy Cross When the first skiers of Kiandra schussed Township…

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Australian Timbers Used in Skis

5th March 2014

Australian Timbers used in Skis Most skis used in Australian ski resorts today are overwhelmingly imported from North America and…

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Knitting Patterns

8th May 2015

Unlike today’s society, where electronics occupy our evenings, many women previously would spend their evening knitting or sewing. This was…

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Fashion Parade – 1950’s

8th May 2015

The latest styles on show  

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Team Uniforms

23rd July 2020

Olympic, State and National Team uniforms  

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Advertisements 1930s-1950s

26th October 2020

Advertisements for ski equipment and clothing from the Ski Year Books.  

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Alpine Bindings

7th November 2020

Skiing in Australia began at Kiandra in 1861, and until 1909, Kiandra was the only place in the country where skiing occurred.…

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