Oversnow Transport


This is a compilation of Oversnow transport that has been used in the Hotel Kosciusko, Smiggins Holes, Perisher Valley and Kosciuszko Chalet area. Those dates qualified with an asterisk are approximate only and we hope will be defined more accurately in time.

Oversnow Transport Timeline

  • Citroen Kegresse

    The first oversnow vehicle in the Kosciuszko area was the P series Citroen Kegresse, a French half-track vehicle originally used in the North African desert. The Hotel Kosciusko used this vehicle to transport guests to Smiggin Holes when the snow was poor at the Hotel.

  • Citroen Kegresse

    By the early 1930s George Day, Chalet manager, had begun experimenting with a later version of the Kegresse

  • Citroen Kegresse

    The Citroen Kegresse also came with a tray body which was very useful for luggage

  • D4 Caterpillar Tractor pulling the ‘Dog Box’ (or Ice Box)

    George Day, Chalet manager was always experimenting and came up with a D4 Caterpillar tractor pulling a trailer which resembled a railway car (Dog Box) on skis. This machine kept operating until just after World War II.

  • The Studebaker M29 C Cargo Carrier, the’Weasel’.

    In 1946 the NSW Government purchased several Studebaker M29C cargo carriers (‘Weasels’) from army disposals for use on the Hotel Kosciusko, Smiggin Holes, Chalet run. These had originally been designed for use in the invasion of Norway during World War II.  These vehicles and their successors were to dominate oversnow transport for the next 20…

  • Johnny Abbottsmith’s dog sled team

    In 1952 Johnny Abbottsmith introduced the first Oversnow transport service between Smiggins Holes and Perisher Valley using his dog sled team, a method he had learned in Canada.

  • Alpine Transport Company

    In 1953, a syndicate of Kosciusko Alpine Club members, led by Sverre Kaaten, formed the Alpine Transport Company (ATC)  and bought two Weasels, formerly owned by the Snowy Mountains Authority. The ATC became the first motorised oversnow service between the Hotel Kosciusko, Smiggin Holes, Perisher Valley and the Chalet at Charlotte Pass. Johnny Abbottsmith became…

  • Chalet Oversnow

    Lucky passengers going to the Chalet had the chance to tow behind the Weasels between Smiggin Holes and Charlotte Pass, an exhilarating ride. The Chalet also used their Weasels to take their guests out onto the Main Range for skiing/picnics.

  • Perisher Hotel Transport

    In 1960, Ken Murray bought four new Weasels for the exclusive use of the Sundeck and Man from Snowy River Hotels. These Weasels also helped to bring the first power cable oversnow from Guthega Power Station to Perisher Valley.

  • Tucker Snow Cat

    The Chalet began to use Tucker Snow Cats in the late fifties as well as the remaining Weasels. Tucker Snow Cats were well known as they had been used by the Snowy Mountains Authority for stream gauging in areas like the Jagungal Wilderness.

  • Aktiv Fischer Snow-Tracs

    In 1962, Ken Murray bought two Activ Fischer Snow-Tracs (with Porsche engines) to supplement his hotel fleet.  These were used at night as snow taxis.

  • Nodwell Clipper

    Ansett Pioneer introduced their Nodwell Clippers to the Smiggins-Perisher-Chalet run in 1963. Ansett Pioneer was part of the Smiggins Kosciusko Ltd syndicate (together with James Wallace Holdings and H.C. Sleigh). The motors and chassis’ of the Nodwells were imported from Canada and a Company owned by Ansett, (Ansair),  added the cabins. The Nodwells performed very…

  • Cottrill’s Clipper Tours replaces Ansett Pioneer transport

    Cottrill’s Clipper Tours, owned by Ron Deane, replaces Ansett Pioneer transport.

  • Bombardier Bus

    Fritz Feiersinger, owner of Marritz Alpine Inn introduced the Bomabardier Bus to the Kosciusko area when he bought one to service his lodge.

  • Charlotte Pass

    This photo taken in 1975 shows a mixture of Oversnow equipment at Charlotte Pass. L-R; Kassbohrer PistenBully, two Porsches, two Tucker SnoCats and a Bombardier Bus.

  • Lakeside

    When Lakeside and Hans Zollinger took over from Ron Deane they used a fleet of Bombardier buses like the ones introduced by Fritz Feiersinger.

  • Bombardier Muskeg

    Charlotte Pass Village used this Bombardier Muskeg to construct the Kangaroo Ridge Chairlift in 1980. This photo was taken by Rick Walkom.

  • Bombardier Dozer Snow Train

    In 1982 the Chalet used a Bombardier Dozer 302 to pull a snow train of skiers from the Chalet to the start of the KAC Martini and Rossi Cross Country Classic in Perisher Valley. This method of transport for cross country racers was used for a number of years.

  • Hans Oversnow

    Hans Zollinger got the contract to run oversnow services in his own right (Hans Oversnow) in 1982. His first fleet was solely Bombardier Buses. Four Bombardier Buses remain in service in 2021.

  • Bombardier Dozer

    From 1982 onwards Hans Zollinger began to acquire Bombardier Dozer 252s with enclosed cabins (‘Butter Boxes’) for Hans Oversnow. The company now has five.

  • The Ashur Special

    The Chairman of Charlotte Pass Village ran a company which manufactured parts for Boeing aircraft. In 1983 his company built an updated version of the ‘Dog Box’ (or ‘Ice Box’) and towed it between the Chalet and Smiggins Holes using a Bombardier Dozer 302. It was called the ‘Ashur Special’ after Head Ski Instructor Ashur…

  • Charlotte Pass Bombardier buses

    Charlotte Pass Village was still using Bombardier Buses in 1989 as this photo from Andrew Collier shows.

  • Thiokol 2100C

    Hans Oversnow obtained this former snow groomer from Thredbo and added a cabin to it which seats 16 people. This photo from Andrew Collier shows Ralph Zollinger next to the Thiokol..

  • Isuzu Buses

    In 1906 Charlotte Pass Village introduced Isuzu buses whose wheels could be changed in winter for triangular caterpillar tracks on all four wheels.

  • Thiokol Spryte

    Hans Oversnow has one Thiokol Spryte which looks very like the Bombardier Dozer 252s. Photo by Andrew Collier.

  • Pistenbully

    Charlotte Pass Village has recently introduced Kassbohrer Pistenbullies which fulfil several roles such as snow clearing, slope grooming and passenger transport.

  • Tucker Snow Bus

    Charlotte Pass Snow Resort has recently introduced a Tucker Snow bus for the Perisher run thus reintroducing the Tucker Company to the Kosciuszko scene after a lapse of many years.