Lunch with Perisher Pioneers

A short article about Perisher stalwarts Fritz and Margo Feiersinger is planned for a  future edition of the PHS Newsletter, but in the meantime PHS President and Secretary,  Philip and Pam Woodman, can attest that both are in fine form after lunching with them in Sydney earlier this year.

For those less familiar with the Feiersinger’s, Fritz was the first manager of the Man from Snowy River Hotel in 1960 before taking up his own Perisher venture with the building of Marritz in 1962.

The name Marritz was created by combining their first names – Margo and Fritz.

A graduate of the Maria Theresa Hotel in Innsbruck, Austria, Fritz used his European experience to raise the standard of accommodation in the snowfields and set the benchmark for high quality cuisine.

In the early 1980s Fritz, in partnership with developer Warren Anderson, won the contract to build Blue Cow Resort (Anderson was replaced by Transfield shortly afterwards). In 1988 Fritz was also co-developer of the Salzburg Apartments in Perisher. Fritz now divides his time between Austria and Australia.