Perisher Identities 1966

David Woods - Portrait

Perisher Identities 1966

Here is a fascinating group shot of all the Movers and Shakers of the time taken at Chez Jean.

From left:-

Rudi Kunz, Robert Watson, (Robert used to have Watsons Furniture – Cooma), Margo Feiersinger, Kurt Brulisauer, Jacqui Swain, John Davis, Mrs Schultz, Bill Kennedy (he was managing Sundeck), Anneke Kunz, John Swain, Nancy Watson, Fritz Feiersinger, Pat Davis, Brian Schultz (Sgt. from Island Bend), Bonnie Kennedy, Jean Ecuyer.  The waitress on the right is Elma Bunt who would eventually become Mrs Ecuyer.

Robert Watson and his wife Nancy were owners and operators of the Royal Coachman Lodge at Smiggins when the photo was taken.

Jacqui & John Swain at the time were overall managers of Smiggins Kosciusko for James Wallace after the departure of the first general manager Ernst Forras.  The Swains would be eventual owners of Royal Coachman.