Douglas Collection – Perisher in the 1960s

In the 1960’s a weekly ski trip to Perisher Valley was highly anticipated. I stayed with friends at the ‘Kangaroo’ lodge near Mt Perisher and out along the road to the Kosciuszko Hotel. I also stayed at the Sundeck up on a bit of a hill. Just out the door from there and the days skiing had begun. 

Skiing in the early days for me was leather ski boots, light weight ski pants, skivvy, light weight parka, Norwegian jumper, woollen mittens, sunglasses and a woollen headband. Perhaps I used a bit of face cream. My first skis were hired. I used the silver coloured wax on them. They seemed to be too wide and far too long. To my questions on these aspects I was told, that is how it is. We skied the t-bar runs and the chairlift access runs from Mt Perisher to back Perisher.

Night life consisted in-house with such activities as playing cards, dress up parties and music, including yodelling and talking. We often ventured out at night to other lodges or to the Valley Inn or the Man. At those venues we drank a beer or two, listed to music and there was some dancing. Then there was the trudge back to our lodge, often with our ski boots doubling up at night and when walking we often sank into the deep snow. 

The worst part was the thawing of wet feet and hands at times. But being young that was just a slight inconvenience. The best part was being with nature and friends and the snow beneath my skis or ski boots. 

Sally Douglas – Melbourne 

January, 2023