1955 Perisher Cup


THE Perisher Cup Meeting was held on 1st and 2nd October, 1955. The races were greatly enjoyed by all, despite various weather conditions and possibly because of exceedingly wide variations of skiing standards amongst competitors, for the competitors included such skiers as Rudi Wurth, Bob Arnott and Christine Davy at one end of the scale. At the other end were a number of comparative newcomers to the sport who had never raced before.


Thirteen teams of four competed, three coming from Cooma Club, three from SnowRevellers, two from C.S.I.R.O., and one each from Perisher Tow, Sydney, Kandahar, University and Myrtleford Ski Club of Victoria.

The Relay Langlauf was held during a violent electrical storm and resulted in a win by Cooma No.1 team, despite tile fact that their first runner, Bill Davy, went off the track and down a long hill before being recalled by frantic shouts from his team-mates.

Unfortunately, only the three leading teams competed in the Jump. Jumping on such small hills as that used for the Perisher Cup is neither difficult nor dangerous, as was demonstrated by several of those who took the opportunity to compete in such an event for the first time.

In the Giant Slalom, Hudi Wurth recorded the best time by a margin of some six seconds.

In the final result Cooma No. 1 Team was victorious and Kosciusko Snow Revellers No. 1 Team came second. The Perisher Ski Tow Club came third, despite a heavy loss of points in the Langlauf, in which event its members ran in downhill skis, as befits the members of a Ski Tow Club.