Perisher Historical Society Incorporated

ABN 58 206 993 576

The Committee and Office Bearers

The Rules of the Society provide for a Committee comprising President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary and three committee members.  Additionally, the committee may invite one representative for both National Parks and Wildlife Service and Perisher to be ex officio members of the committee.

Current Office Bearers and committee members


Philip Woodman

Vice President

Peter Southwell-Keely


Raylene Jarvis


Pamela Woodman


Ashley Blondel


Chris Brangwin


Donald Johnston

Ex Officio - Perisher

Peter Brulisauer

Ex Officio - NPWS

Tim Scanlon

Past Committee Members

  • Judy Thomson   - past Vice President
  • Dave Woods       - NPWS ex officio committee member
  • Garry Huggett    - Committee member

Many people have contributed their enthusiasm and support to the Society as it grew.  In particular, the Society is grateful to these three who served on the committee.  Judy Thomson was there at the very beginning, Dave Woods set the high standard for our Newsletter and Garry Huggett generously lent his significant local presence to endorse and promote the Society in its infancy.  Each remain as very active members of the Society.

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