About the Society

Today, Perisher and the surrounding high country provide a wonderful playground for skiers, snowboarders, walkers and even wombats.  As time moves on, however, it is easy to forget ‘the good old days’ of rope tows or no tows, lodge building, homemade skis, lace-up leather boots and riotous lodge parties.  To this end, the Perisher Historical Society (PHS) has been established to capture the memories of the early days of the Perisher area.

With support and encouragement from both Perisher Resort management and the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS), the Perisher Historical Society was incorporated on 6 August 2007.  The Society is sometimes referred to as PHS.

The aim of the Society is ‘to research, collect, document, and display the history and development of the Perisher Range including its lodges, buildings and structures and activities emanating from them’.

Perisher Range defines the geographical scope of the Society and refers to those areas within the Kosciuszko National Park associated with the access provided by Kosciuszko Road, this includes but is not restricted to the centres of Blue Cow, Guthega, Perisher Valley, Smiggin Holes, and Charlottes Pass plus the associated back-country regions of the Main Range.


Old Ski Pole
Old Ski Pole

Annual Dinner

The PHS Annual Dinner, held at the opening of the ski season each year, provides an opportunity for members and friends to celebrate the history of the area, renew old friendships and reminisce about ‘the good old days’ and the colourful characters who made them so.

Plan now - join us Sunday 7th June 2020 at Marritz Hotel

The Society publishes a substantial newsletter twice a year.
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Current PHS projects include:

  • this website - its continued enhancement with recovered historical records, timeline documentation and lists of people, instructors, resort employees and identities generally.
  • establishing a historical database of the lodges in Charlotte Pass, Guthega, Perisher Valley, Smiggin Holes and other buildings and structures of the region.
  • Lifting history of the region - enhance, expand, verify and publish.
  • Recording oral histories especially those with firsthand knowledge of the area.
  • The Display Case on the concourse of the Perisher Skitube Terminal has proved a great success.
    The wonderful amateur 16mm film of the 1950's family holidays in the area provides a fascinating insight into the area for those awaiting transport. Numerous other films of the past also benefit from the Society's investment in the TV monitor on which films are shown.


Did you know?

The Society collects and cares for numerous articles of ski equipment and clothing, photographs and films.  The Society has recovered and been entrusted with the historical records of the organising bodies of the sport of skiing in the State.  The formal structure of the sport in NSW commenced in 1928 with the Ski Council of NSW and was succeeded by the NSW Ski Association when Ski Council of NSW merged with the Perisher Ski Association.  The Minute Books of these organisations were located and passed to the Society - some just avoiding the rubbish bin.

Copies of numerous ski magazines and publications and many of the priceless Ski Year Books have also been recovered or generously donated but there are many holes in the collections.  This information is proving to be very helpful to numerous clubs in publishing their individual stories, especially those motivated to do so as they approach their 50th anniversaries.

Have you any Ski Year Books or magazines?
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Can you contribute to history?

The Society is keen to collect

  • Stories - spoken or written
  • Club histories
  • Photographs
  • Other memorabilia and equipment related to the early days of the region

The Society's aim is to share this information via

  • Website as an Electonic Museum or eMuseum
  • Provide Public access presentations which display
    - the development of the sport
    - its equipment, clothing
    - and the memorabilia of the sport.