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Our eMuseum, like a physical museum, collects memories, photographs, videos, stories and articles about the Perisher Valley and the people who made it what it is today.

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YOUR DRESSING MUST BE WARM AND COSY FOR KOSCIUSKO. If you feel the cold very much up among the snow caps at Kosciusko you'll love this heavy brown frieze coat made with huge cuffs and lovely soft colour. The belt is of strong brown dovelyn to match the trousers and cap. Exclusive proofed material is used for this short jacket and skiing trousers from Hermes; the accessories include a hand knitted waistcoat with black, white and green diagonal stripes. The leather buttons are bordered with metal; cap, gloves, scarf and socks follow the same colour scheme as the waistcoat. Pink whip cord makes this attractive winter sports suit worn with white brushed wool, scarf and gloves and heavy white suede belt. White velour-de-laine is used for this skiing suit. The trousers are different from the average with effective trimming just below the knee. The cap and gloves are effectively striped with black and red to match the red belt and scarf. Bright red velour-do-laine is used for this skiing suit; the little jacket is short, double breasted, and has the most fetching lapels buttoning back onto the coat. High necked white polo sweater and black and white gloves give the ensemble a most enviable chic.


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