1962 – So how do you get to your lodge in Perisher?

I was singularly fortunate to fall upon a group of scouts who had decided that building a lodge would be a good idea – I was 17 and they were much older and most were in second or third year university so were about 20 years old. The lodge was completed and ready for the 1962 ski season. The lodge was built in the previous summer so we were all used to jumping into pooled transport on Friday night and arriving at about 1 or 2 am for a weekend of work to leave very late on Sunday.  And so it was when Winter arrived it was simply that we did the same but came to ski rather than work. However, parking was at a car park at Sawpit Creek from were a bus took you to Smiggin Holes and you walked to your lodge in Perisher carry all your gear, food and grog in a backpack and with skis on your shoulder. So how do you get there – well you walk and hope that the weather is not inclement.