Development of Skiing

Skiing in Australia commenced at the Kiandra goldfields in 1861.  Miners from overseas introduced the knowledge and techniques of ski or "snowshoe" construction to others during the Winter of 1861.  This was a particularly harsh winter and many up to 10,000 miners had left for easier pickings elsewhere.  Those that stayed on amused themselves by skiing straight down the local "Township Hill".  Over the years this developed into one on one drag-racing in a knock-out format to achieve an ultimate winner.

1961 Perisher Cup

6th November 2019

The Results in detail.

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Smiggin Holes Ski Patrol

10th February 2016

By Pat Edmondson The Smiggin Holes Ski Patrol is inexorably tied to the Illawarra Alpine Club.  This profile of the…

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Perisher Ski School, 1970

30th January 2016

The Ski School was staring to grow…

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Perisher Cup Placings

13th August 2015

 All the results – a work in progress….

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Perisher Valley Timeline

29th July 2015

Comments, corrections and additions are both welcome and sought. It has been said that the Perisher Valley was named by…

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Perisher Instructors, 1966

11th June 2015

The Ski School staff at Perisher. 

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Frozen Lessons

10th June 2015

A small booklet published by the Kosciusko Alpine Club for teaching yourself to ski.

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Smiggins Ski School 1964

30th May 2015

L to R: Leo Jaeggli, Billy Dittmar, Paul Keller, Karl Hochstel, Ludwig Kurz, Graham Bookalill, Rosli Stucki, Roger Staub (Ski…

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1957 NSW Men’s Team

30th May 2015

Some members of the 1957 NSW Men’s Team

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1960 Winter Olympics Team at Squaw Valley

9th May 2015

The full team, at the Olympics Centre in Squaw Valley. They even had the Australian Coat of Arms prominently displayed…

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