ISHA Cyber Award


Perisher Historical Society  has been announced as the winner of the Cyber Award at the ISHA (International Skiing History Association) Awards in Park City, Utah on 30th March.
The Cyber award is  presented for creating a website that contributes substantially to the preservation, distribution and expansion of skiing’s historical record.
We are very excited to receive this award from the ISHA which is a not-for-profit corporation, whose mission is to preserve and advance the knowledge of ski history and to increase public awareness of the sport’s heritage.

Our award was collected at the presentation night by fellow PHS member Rick Walkom who just happened to win an award too – a Skade Award for his fourth edition of  Skiing off the Roof.
The Skade Award is presented for an outstanding work on regional ski history.

Congratulations to the PHS website team, and to Rick Walkom,  all have made an important contribution to our skiing history.