New Publication – George Petersen’s Kosciusko – 2nd Ed


George Petersen’s Kosciusko is a collection of 43 original articles by George Petersen which were published between 1953 and 1958 in the Kosciusko Snow Revellers’ Club newsletter Snow Revelry .

Petersen was manager of the Hotel Kosciusko from 1938 to 1951 and his writings provide a detailed insight into the history, geography, and the challenges of life in the days when horse sleighs and dog sleds were used as winter transport. He tells of the tribes of Aboriginal inhabitants, the white pioneers and settlers, the diggers of the 1860 gold rush, the hardy stockmen immortalised by the poet Banjo Paterson, and many others who have left their names indelibly written in the Monaro.

Perisher Historical Society has welcomed the opportunity to print an updated edition of this unique volume and the original format of the book has been adhered to as much as possible.
An additional section at the end of the book is a series of George Petersen’s photographs depicting the beauty of the alpine area.

Copies are available from the PHS website:

Copies will be available at the Snowy Region Visitor Centre, Jindabyne.