Creel Lodge History

Creel History Panel

In November 2021, 60 years after he first prepared the architectural plans for the Kosciusko State Park Trust (KSPT), PHS Committee member, Donald Johnston donated his original drawings along with a history of the heritage significant building to the NPWS Southern Branches, to be hung in the current Creel Lodge, at Waste Point.
The building completed in 1962, was the Trustees’ own cottage that offered prestige accommodation to not only Trustees, but also to politicians and VIPs to encourage them to appreciate and invest in the Kosciusko State Park environment.
Incorporated within the display is an original 1964 Douglass Baglin photographic Snow Gum print, donated by Sir Garfield Barwick’s family. Sir Garfield retired after 20 years as a Foundation Trustee, prior to his appointment as the 7th Chief Justice of Australia, serving from 1946-1981.

The above photograph shows the donation hung in the Lounge Room of the Creel Lodge.
L-R: Donald Johnston, Kym Armstrong, Snowy Region Visitor Centre Supervisor and Mark Lees, NPWS Team Leader, Visitation Experience.

Below – The Creel Lodge today, modified in 2011 and now available for holiday letting.